The Microtray

Introducing the newly patented Microtray. 
The Microtray is a single-use, flexible tray that attaches to the back of your gloved hand.  With the Microtray, common dental materials fit onto an easy-to-use tray so you and your assistant can perform technique-sensitive procedures more efficiently.  Save time while reducing
musculoskeletal disorders by using the cost-effective Microtray. 
Best of all, the Microtray is manufactured in Colorado!

The Microtray Product Demo

  • Microtray H1 for Hygiene

    Free your time! No more wiping gauze off bibs or off your mirror handle. With the Microtray H1 you can apply fluoride varnish with less steps. Maintain your field of vision with less rotating and less reaching for basic hygiene materials.  Yes, we were thinking about hygienists!

    The Microtray H1 
  • The Microtray R1 for Restorative

    Reduce your risk of musckuloskeletal disorders.  The Microtray R1 puts your common dental materials on the back of your gloved hand so your assistants can focus on retraction and saliva ejection. Use during restorative procedures including fillings, build-ups and cementation of restorations. 

    Microtray R1 
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