About Us

The Quick Company produces the patented Microtray for use in dentistry.  We make highly efficient dental accessories for healthcare professionals.
Musculoskeletal disorders, dentist, hygienist, dental assistant, medical, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain

How it started

Our founder was tired of neck, shoulder and back pain after treating patients day after day. Even with loupes, light and ergo chairs, Dr. Jack realized all the dental instruments and supplies used were forcing repetitious bodily rotation and reaching. So he decided to study the root causes of musculoskeletal disorders in relation to dental treatment procedures.

The Patent Process

Well you can't just make any product because you might infringe on someone's patented idea. Dr. Jack put his research background to work and nerded-out on patents and the design process. After many years of consulting with dental professionals including specialists, hygienists and assistants with varying practice styles, several product iterations were designed. The engineers, scientists, lawyers and patent experts collaborated to develop a few patent drafts. Finally a patent application was accepted by the USPTO in 2019.

The Quick Co and Link PD product development of the Microtray.

Product Development

Say what you want, dentists are not engineers. Dr. Jack recognized how much he sucked at developing his product. Partnering with local creative experts at LINK Product Development transformed an idea into the functionally sleek device you now know as the Microtray. And just when we thought we passed the suck, things got worse when the pandemic hit. But, here we are!

Healthcare and manufacturing technology

Why we do it

We believe in science for the benefit of humanity. We use advanced manufacturing technology to create incredibly efficient and cost effective products. We do it because it's better than complaining about things. We do it because we choose to be part of the solution. We do it because our healthcare providers need simple innovative solutions!